Collar LUNA - Green
Collar LUNA - Green
Collar LUNA - Green
Collar LUNA - Green
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Collar LUNA - Green

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Article Number : CM22DCL001-GRN

  • Collar with the original COSMOS 29Q reflective tape 
  • Colour: Green
  • With the reflective tape around the neck LUNA is a highly visible, functional collar, great for evening walks, in the dog parks and also in the outdoor situations.
  • Collar tape width: 25mm (for all sizes)
  • The buckle is light-weight, considered for the comfort of the dog. Size XL comes with a different buckle from other sizes.
  • Collar length is adjustable with a tape adjuster. 
  • Made in Japan  
  • Large sizes available
  • Three colourways available: Green, Yellow and Neon Orange


  • M: Neck circ. 26-35cm  <E.g. Boston terrier, Mame-shiba, Jack russel terrier>
  • L: Neck circ. 35-47cm <e.g. Shibainu, Corgi>
  • XL: Neck circ. 47-57cm <e.g. Labrador retriever,  Standard poodle>

* This is the product page for collar LUNA only. It does NOT include leads, clothes or any other accessories. 

* Lead BUDDY available in the same colour. 
* The breeds are for reference only. Please measure your pet before your purchase. Please feel free to contact us for specific sizing questions.
* The flat images shown are Size 2 (M).
* Please note that the placement of the logo/ text of the reflective tape may vary slightly from item to item. It may not be exactly the same as that of the photos shown.
 * Due to the nature of the reflective tape the surface of the tape may experience scratches and marks. Please do not pull the tape forcefully and move the plastic parts individually when adjusting the length of the collar.


  • Tape: Polyester 100%  
  • Tape (back side): Polypropylene 100%
  • Buckle, tape adjuster: Plastic
  • Metal parts: Nickle


  • Machine wash cold.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Please use a wash bag.
  • Dry promptly.
  • Do not iron or steam.



* Taking a close look at your dog's collar, harness and lead, assessing condition on a daily basis is important and is highly recommended as they may get weakened or damaged throughout the usage.

* Please select the gear that is suitable for your dog (type, size, shape, age and hair/ coat type). Suitability and fit of the gear may change over time, with the dog's age and body shape. Please assess fit and condition of the gear frequently and replace them as necessary.

* Some dogs such as puppies, those that are new to the environment, the anxious ones, the energetic ones and those that pull may have the risk of slipping out of their collars or harnesses.

Using a double-ended lead [collar/choker & harness] may prevent this from happening and is recommended.